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Smart Sofas are planting 5 trees for every sofa sold, through the charity Ripple Africa to reduce the effect of carbon dioxide and increase oxygen levels in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide gas is increasing in our atmosphere causing global temperatures to rise significantly. The impact of this is devastating for our global climate and we are close to levels where the world will be irreversibly changed forever. 

Trees are essential in reducing carbon dioxide gases in our atmosphere as they absorb carbon dioxide from the air and release oxygen helping to redress the balance. However, humans have been cutting down trees for decades to create space for farmland or for the wood itself. This means that the tree population can’t keep up with the carbon dioxide emissions produced, and climate change has occurred beyond our expectations.

A commitment to responsible reforestation by Smart Sofas is a component of restoring the right balance to our atmosphere and limiting the impact of climate change before it permanently destroys our ecosystems and way of life.

We care about the environment

Smart Sofas are planting 5 trees for every sofa sold, through the charity Ripple Africa which was founded in 2003 and is registered in both the UK and the USA. It is working to improve the environment in Africa. Today, the charity has over 8,000 people working on projects on the ground and has a tremendous impact on the local communities. 

Their tree planting project is one of the largest and most successful tree planting projects in Malawi, providing a long-term solution to fighting deforestation in Africa caused by the destruction of indigenous forest. They have helped local communities plant 19 million trees so far.

Their tree planting project is not only about planting trees in Malawi, but also about changing the way people think about their natural environment and the destructive and unsustainable actions which are causing deforestation. By involving farmers, community groups and schools, they aim not only to encourage more tree planting in Africa, but to slowly change how people value and use all their natural resources.

Pine trees, Year 1

Pine trees, Year 2

Pine trees, Year 3

Carbon Reduction

We aim to make all our processes carbon neutral by 2025. Until then, we are planting 5 trees for every sofa sold to offset our carbon usage in producing the sofas, through the charity Ripple Africa.

The charity also plants fruit trees to provide food and income for their families. They grow mango, papaya, guava, avocado and citrus fruit trees. They have a specialist fruit tree nursery to raise additional fruit trees which are distributed to schools to plant and teach students the importance of tree planting and the environment. Local food production reduces their carbon footprint.

Cookstoves are also made and distributed to the people in Malawi. So far, they have construct over 47,000 cookstoves and supported householders to maintain and use them. This has resulted in 94,000 fewer bundles of firewood being needed every week, reducing household wood use by 67% and reducing their carbon emissions significantly.

FSC Certified Materials

We only use FSC certified wood in all our sofas, chairs, stools and ottomans, even though it is more expensive, to ensure sustainability for present and future generations.

The FSC is an international organization that provides a system for voluntary accreditation and independent third-party certification, and were set up with the mission to promote environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the world’s forests. Environmentally friendly forest management ensures that the production of timber maintains the forest’s biodiversity, productivity, and ecological processes.

Socially beneficial forest management helps people to enjoy long term benefits and provide strong incentives to sustain the forest resources and adhere to long-term management plans

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Vegan friendly

All our sofas are vegan friendly and use no animal products at all in their components or manufacture, including leather, feathers, animal fibres, glues, waxes, fats or other animal-derived component parts.

We offer 100% vegan friendly boxed sofas designed for animal conscious shoppers. Smart Sofas are an environmentally friendly brand that creates easy-to-assemble sofas and chairs with comfort in mind. Just choose your sofa options, then sit back and wait for your furniture to arrive.