Teal Sofa

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Teal is a colour with an enduring appeal that seems to have not gone out of fashion for decades and is a solid favourite for interior design. Incidentally, this vivid blue-green shade is named for and modelled from the common Teal duck, which features a bright teal head patch. This nature-inspired colour is both soothing and stimulating, calming and energising. It compliments bright or neutral spaces and can enhance surrounding green and blue shades with the fluidity between them.

When designing our sofa colour range, Teal was, of course, a must-have addition to the hues on offer for its beauty and versatility. It effortlessly fuses with the luxury look and feel of our vegan-friendly velvet. Teal looks fantastic on our entire collection, including our three-seater and two-seater sofas, a Smart Sofa armchair and matching footstool, and every other item in our range. Your home lounge space will be enhanced with the addition of a Teal Smart Sofa. Each of our sofas brings elegance into your home effortlessly.

We understand that selecting a sofa can be overwhelming, and you want to see and feel the fabric before you make a long-term purchase. So discover our complimentary swatch box, which comes with a square of Sage Green, Teal, Rose Pink, and Dove Grey. This selection will help you choose the perfect shade for your space while experiencing our luxurious fabric look and feel. So for your free swatch box, simply order here and find a hue for your future sofa and lifestyle.