Sage Green Sofa

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When you want to invite nature into your home, select our Smart Sofa, Sage Green colour. Sage green is an earthy green tone with a calm and soothing feel that will fit into all spaces, creating a haven of tranquillity at home. It’s well known that a myriad of mental and physical health benefits come with being immersed in nature. Green and other earthy shades can replicate this natural boost feeling, and when added to a room, sage green is soothing, with the palette leading to an increase in comfort and peace. As many people look to improve their well-being through Biophilic and naturally led design, green is an increasingly popular interior design choice.

This natural hue combined with our vegan-friendly velvet will give your space a luxurious look and feel, whether you choose a three-seater, two-seater, armchair, chaise longue, or any other complimentary accessory. Our Green sofas are complimented well by different natural textures and colours, including potted plants such as palms and rattan accessories that will bring light summer feel to your space. Add scented candles with earthy scents or shades of earthy green for a cosy mood in winter.

If you’re still unsure if our Sage Green is for you or would like to experience all of our beautiful colours before you purchase, order our swatch box. Each pack comes with Sage Green, Teal, Rose Pink, and Dove Grey samples to help you discover the look and feel of our fabrics. Request your own swatch box here.