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An armchair or chaise lounge can add serious chic to your living room, sitting room, bedroom, or dressing room. Wherever it fits, you can sit and enjoy luxury and comfort on your very own velvet piece. So no matter whether you’re planning to put yours – whether it’s to save space instead of a two or three-piece suite or to add that little extra something to your entire lounge collection – a Smart Sofa armchair or chaise makes a statement. Consider it your personal and luxurious velvet cuddle chair. Add an Ottoman Footstool or Footstools to complete the look. 

Get comfy with one of our stylish armchairs or recline and channel your inner 1920s siren with your own velvet chaise lounge. Our range comes in lovely colours, including Rose pink, Sage Green, Dove Grey, and Teal, all vegan-safe stain-resistant and pet-resistant, which means your favourite armchair or chaise will stand the test of time. Smart Sofas Sofa-in-a-Box is guaranteed to be a stylish addition to your home, backed up with quality craftsmanship and great looks while offering exceptional comfort – ideal for every aspect of life. Use yours to create a cosy reading nook, a serene office space, or simply settle in and watch your favourite tv show with a glass of wine and feet up. Whatever works for your life and home space. We know you’ll love our collection, so we offer a 25-year warranty to provide total peace of mind with the purchase. Every step is easy with our Sofa-in-a-Box.