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What is new and what are the new trends for sofas for 2023 and beyond. We have predicted the new sofa trends for 2023 based on Smart Sofas extensive research and 30 years of experience in the sofa market. The home will be a place to embrace yourself, your loved ones and friends. The sofa will be the centre of attraction in the room.

2 seater right corner - Cloud Nine - Teal -

White walls will become the colour of choice for many homeowners and renters which will gradually change to lighter pastel colours towards the year end or even into 2024. The home has always been a place of intimacy, creating a space you’re happy with being all that matters. Space is a high priority for the living room, but fashion and style give the room visual freshness and relevance. People are wanting something that is different from the crowd and more individual, warmer and more comfortable. There are many ways to create new design trends that are more related to furniture such as shape, colour, functionality and texture. There are very effective ways to make your living room unique.

3 seater sofa - cloud nine - sage green

The idea of minimalism and simple living have been with us now for many years. In 2023 the new trend will change all that and a new wave of luxury features incorporating rich fabrics like velvet, exciting textures and deep colours will add to your space. Bold wallpaper designs and fabric patterns will come back towards the end of 2023 for style inspiration and individuality.

2 seater sofa - Dove Grey

The living room is a place for a comfortable life in a cosy atmosphere with cosy sofas. Simple changes to furniture visually change the living room such as colour. Choosing a bright coloured sofa for your living room can look stylish and elegant. The most popular sofa colours for 2023 are likely to be rose pink, dove grey, sage green and teal.

2 seater right coner sofa - rose pink

This blog has been written by Smart Sofas.